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Down through the ages the rose has become the best known and best loved of all garden flowers and ranks amongst the oldest of cultivated flowering plants. Its beauty comes in such variety that whether ones taste inclines to the subtle, the flamboyant or the delicate, there is always a rose to please.

Through their wide spectrum of colours, forms and perfumes we can be seduced as we become emotionally involved and indeed infatuated by the “Queen of Flowers”.

Few people can resist the mystique, the romance and the enticing allure of the rose. It is no wonder that this is the case as roses are so easy to grow and so few garden plants reward the grower as generously as does the rose with its abundant crops that repeat so prolifically with so many flowers. It is no wonder they continue to be grown and loved by gardeners everywhere.

So it is with real pleasure that we welcome you to our website and invite you to take the risk of being smitten by the irresistible allure of the rose!
Rose Farm News

Freshly cut, perfumed roses are now in season!
Bunches can be purchased directly from the Rose Farm for only
To ensure you don't miss out on this popular item, orders can be made by phone call to the Rose Farm on the morning of pickup date.
From early October to late May, Matt can be found weekly at the local 'Growers Markets' in Coffs Harbour and Grafton supplying these beautiful perfumed roses.

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2015-2016 Catalogue Release
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"Imagine walking through beautiful roses with heady perfume. Benefields have a wonderful selection of all types of roses; climbers, bush roses, minature roses, carpet roses etc. If they haven't got it, they will get it for you. The whole place is landscaped and glorious! Also, they sell a huge selection of shrubs and other lovely plants. The prices are well below those of other garden centres, and I have been to many. I have never had anything that hasn't thrived. I would recommend Benefields Roses to anyone."