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2015 - 2016 Annual Catalogue Release

Benefield's Rose Farm has released their 2015 - 2016 annual catalogue which features the many new and exciting roses we have in store.
Our catalogue contains a list of all roses and supplies we currently have in stock. The new catalogue can be downloaded here. 
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2015-2016 Catalogue Release
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"Imagine walking through beautiful roses with heady perfume. Benefields have a wonderful selection of all types of roses; climbers, bush roses, minature roses, carpet roses etc. If they haven't got it, they will get it for you. The whole place is landscaped and glorious! Also, they sell a huge selection of shrubs and other lovely plants. The prices are well below those of other garden centres, and I have been to many. I have never had anything that hasn't thrived. I would recommend Benefields Roses to anyone."