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About Us

Benefield's Rose Farm is a family owned and operated business and enjoys a rich heritage in horticulture.
The Benefield name originated and was well established in the horticultural area of Kent in England. Around the 1860’s William Thomas Benefield migrated to New Zealand where he quickly established himself.
In the early 1900’s “Benefield's Nursery” was reported as one of the “Leading nurseries in the dominion, specializing in roses, fruit trees, camellias ,magnolias & rhododendrons” – (Source – Pioneer Nurseryman of New Zealand). Since then successive generations of the family continued to develop their skills in a wide and varied range of horticultural skills.
In 1984, Patrick & Diane Benefield with their five children migrated to the Mid North Coast, NSW Australia. In September 1985, Patrick & Diane with eldest son Matthew, purchased the current 20 hectare rose farm property at Halfway Creek, NSW Australia.
Immediately a low chill stone fruit tree nursery was developed with many thousands of trees being propagated for the then burgeoning low chill stone fruit industry. At the same time a 15,000 tree peach & nectarine orchard was established.
The rose farm was established around 1990 after various setbacks with the orchard and the general demise of the low chill stone fruit industry. Establishing the rose farm in a sub tropical climate has been and still is very challenging.
It has been very rewarding and is a testament to the resilience, adaptability and toughness of the rose (see our notes on cultivation).
Benefield's Rose Farm is currently operated by Matthew Benefield (5th generation) with the assistance of Patrick (4th generation) & Diane.
Benefield's Rose Farm is a retail horticultural business which grows and sells directly to the public.
  • The nursery produces around 20,000 rose plants annually comprising around 700 different varieties. All plants are pot grown for all year round planting (see cultural notes for planting advice)
  • Benefield's Rose Farm grows around 10,000 roses that are picked daily for 8-9 months of each year. These roses are bunched and sold directly to consumers at the farm gate and local growers markets.
  •  We specialise in perfumed rose varieties and because of this our farm has become a much sought after destination for rose lovers.
We have attractively landscaped rose gardens which feature over 2000 rose bushes giving a display of the amazing diversity of rose types.
Benefield's Rose Farm is also set on 19 hectares of landscaped park like areas with a central lake that surrounds replicas of the New Zealand Islands!

The tranquil rural setting co exists with many native birds, kangaroos & wallabies.
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"Imagine walking through beautiful roses with heady perfume. Benefields have a wonderful selection of all types of roses; climbers, bush roses, minature roses, carpet roses etc. If they haven't got it, they will get it for you. The whole place is landscaped and glorious! Also, they sell a huge selection of shrubs and other lovely plants. The prices are well below those of other garden centres, and I have been to many. I have never had anything that hasn't thrived. I would recommend Benefields Roses to anyone."